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Higgins Fire District Calendar
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The Mission Of Higgins Fire District Is To Provide The Highest Level Of Service To Our Community By Valuing Our Members, Promoting Positive Leadership, And Dedicating Ourselves To Excellence.

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Ensure our firefighters and other emergency first responders can locate your home. Order a reflective House Number placard sign and post to place at the beginning of your driveway for greater visibility.

  • One House Sign (without post) is $40.00
  • One House Sign with post and hardware is $44.00
  • Two House Signs (back-to-back) with one post and hardware is $75.00

Profits benefit your local and dedicated fire department.

Pre-paid orders with your name, address and telephone number can be mailed to:

Higgins Fire Auxiliary SIGNS
10106 Combie Road
Auburn, CA 95602

For LOP, specify brown background. All others, specify green background. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Questions, call 530-269-2488

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