Higgins Fire District Calendar

Higgins Fire District

Higgins Fire District Calendar

Our Firefighters joined the students at Clear Creek Elementary in participating in their Fund Raising Walk-a-Thon.  FF Quaintance, FF Newman, FF Harkins. and Cptn Grassal ran over 210 laps with the kids a total for a total of 42 miles in turnouts in just two hours! All while encouraging fitness, having fun and inspiring the kids to do the best they could. 
Our volunteer and full-time Firefighers, Chief, office staff, and Ladies Aux, helped sponsor our team of four to raise $850 dollars in donations for the children at the school! 
Multiple school staff and even students commented on how they have never seen the kids have so much fun and run so hard!   
Captain Grassal said, "It was such a positive and rewarding experience. I encourage everyone to get involved and participate next year."

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