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Higgins Fire District Calendar

Lake of the Pines and Darkhorse are hosting a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Firefighter training drill Sunday, April 7th from 8:30 am to 2 pm. Firefighters from CAL FIRE’s Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit, Higgins, Grass Valley and Consolidated Fire Districts as well as other local and Sacramento Valley departments are expected to participate in the drill. NEU Battalion Chief Matt Wallen is Incident Commander leading the firefighter drill.

The county's emergency alert system, Code RED will be activated for the local area and mock voluntary evacuations while fire engines travel to homes will be a near real-life exercise. Even vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, powerlines down, and large animal rescues will be simulated.

Besides the firefighters, the Sheriff's department will conduct mock door-to-door evacuation notifications, CHP will help manage traffic outside LOP, even the local Community Emergency Responce Team (CERT) will participate and the Veterinary Disaster Response Team will conduct mock large animal rescues.
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May 20 2018 at 1027AM
“This type of training will help firefighters get accustomed to fighting a fast-moving fire in a typical setting for the area. Homes interspersed with high fuel loads, steep terrain and roads that may or may not be clogged with residents trying to escape. Training is a crucial part of firefighting”, Chief Wallen said.

The exercise teaches ‘bump and run’ technique – Firefighters are assigned to a home and must report on conditions. Is there defensible space, a water source, are there residents and/or animals present? They then start defending the home (if possible), lay hose lines and scout for possible actions they can take quickly before moving on to the next house.

The drill is also an education for homeowners who choose to participate in the drill. “If a home has no defensible space, fuels against the house – we won’t be able to defend it,” said Chief Wallen. Residents will see how aggressive dogs, poor defensible space or well-prepared houses with enough clearance providing firefighters the opportunity to safely defend the home, make a real difference in an emergency.

Your Higgins Firefighters will be participating in this great training opportunity. Be cautious Sunday morning, April 7th around Magnolia and Combie roads outside and inside LOP as there will be various emergency vehicles and residents participating in the mock evacuation exercise.
May 20 2018 at 1039AM

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