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Emergency Notification Sources


Public safety officials can now more effectively communicate time-sensitive messages using the CodeRED system. This access will allow calls to be delivered seconds after public safety officials launch a message. Additionally, the county will have the ability to target notifications geographically, only notifying those community members impacted by an alert.

All residents of Nevada County are encouraged to update their existing information and enroll their additional contact information (including family members you wish to know whats happening) AND MOBILE PHONE NUMBERS by following this link to the Nevada County OES Web page:

Code REDfor Nevada County

Also on your mobile smartphone, be sure to make the two Code RED numbers (866-419-5000 and 855-969-4636) a CONTACT and FAVORITE so the calls and texts will reach you even if your phone is in the Do Not Disturb mode, such as a when you are sleeping. However, if you phone's volume is turned all the way down (such as many do when in meetings), you still won't hear any incomming calls or text notifications. So don't forget to turn up your phone's volume so you will hear any emergency Code RED calls or text notifications.

For residents and businesses who are using AT&T as their landline phone provider, their home phone number is already added as the part of a public safety data base available to public safety agencies. However, residents can opt out of this service, if desired.

Additionally, residents can request contact through email and SMS text messages (on their mobile phones).

Contact information accessed thru CodeRED will only be used by public safety officials for emergency notification.

Cal FIRE's Ready For Wildfire SMS Text Notifications: Wildfire Alerts

Cal FIRE's new Ready for Wildfire Smartphone app has the ability to send you SMS Text message (standard rates apply). Download the app and then got to the settings at the top righthand side (smalll gear icon) and select Wildfire Alert Settings to set up receiving SMS Text messages for selected counties or with your current location (GPS access required). Then you will receive wildfire information sent directly to your smartphone via SMS Text messages.

See our article on the Cal FIRE's new app

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups have become a great source to get notifications of public safety and notable occurrences for local residents. Groups like those below can be helpful. And there are many more.

Higgins Fire Protection District

Nevada County Happening Now

Nevada County Incident Page

Gold Country Critical Incidents

MemberForum - Lake of the Pines (LOP)


Twitter is another great resource for notifications from Cal Trans, Cal FIRE, CHP, local and regional Law Enforcement, PG&E, National Weather Service (NWS)-Sacramento, most news outlets (TV, Radio and Newspapers, YubaNET and more), Political Figures and many special interest groups.

Get an account at www.Twitter.com and then begin following whatever people and groups you desire.


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