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Whole Communities Must Create Defensible Space to be fully effective in surviving wildfires

Here is why this is so important: Properties that are not cleared well can negate the effort of properties that are adequately cleared and "park-like." See how Berkley Engine 6 had to pass many homes and businesses that were ablaze in the recent October 2017 Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa, CA, and try to defend areas and neighborhoods that were defensible.

During a catatropic fire event, there will never be enough fire supression equipment and firefighters to defend an area completely. So property owners must work together to create whole neighborhoods that are more fire safe and defensible, even without firefighter intervention.

Take a look at this video Berkley's Engine 6 recorded as part of a visiting Strike Team the night of October 8, 2017 in Santa Rosa, CA at the Tubbs fire.

Click on the link to watch Berkley's Engine 6 at the Tubbs Fire October 8, 2017

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