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Higgins Fire District Calendar


Achieving Defensible Space in your neighborhood might be a challenge due to the hardships of working on steep slopes, gaining cooperation of neighbors, and the need to clear more ground when buildings are placed at the top of slopes and ridges. As you probably know, fire travels rapidly uphill.

Take advantage of cooler weather to get a head start on working toward Defensible Space. You don't have to remove many healthy trees, just thin to reduce the density and create separate clumps to lessen to possibility of a fire spreading.

Also, concentrate on the ground, removing thick mats of needles and leaves, and cutting low branches so surface fire can't work itself up into the trees.

If a fire should start in vacant land the idea is to prevent a secondary, or spot fire, from taking root on your property. This can easily happen if hot, windblown embers can find a foothold on your house or land. So, think "surface areas" as the goal to improve your chances during a wildfire.

For many people, a rake and a pruning saw may be all the tools you need in order to make your place less of a fire target.

Unclear or confused about how to make your property safer? Please call to schedule a Defensible Space Advisory visit.

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