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Higgins Fire District Calendar

CERT FireExtTraining1Cert Training Madison

Recently Captain Jarrett Grassl and Firefighter Madison Hampton taught the Community Emergency Response TEAM (CERT) trainees how to use a fire extinguisher.

LOP is sponsoring this training for its residents and staff. The GM, public safety officers, and various other staff as well as concerned residents are attending these sessions.

CERT members are trained to provide basic: search and rescue, medical triage, first aid, and fire suppression. In the aftermath of a large disaster these trained volunteers might well be the first persons to arrive to help their neighbors, perhaps minutes to even hours before professional first responders can make their way to the many people and sites that could be affected.

The CERT motto is, "Doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people."

Kuddos to the leadership of LOP for proactively readying their community for better survival in a disaster scenario. And thanks to our dedicated firefighters in assisting this training. Also, thanks to the County Public Health, OES and High School District staff who have conducted this training.

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