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In only a matter of minutes, a small house fire can rage out of control.

Heat temperatures from the building fire can reach up to 1,500°F. The flames emit carbon monoxide (CO) gas, which is odorless, colorless and tasteless – and can cause immediate unconsciousness, followed by death.

Every family should have and practice a home escape plan to follow in the event of a fire. The plan should include drawing a diagram of your home, marking the locations of windows and doors; planning two escape routes out of every room of your home; setting up a meeting place outside of the home for everyone to go; and practicing the escape plan once a month. Every member of the family and frequent visitors to the home should know and practice the escape route. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stresses that even children as young as 3 years old can understand an escape plan.

Safety Tips

  • Complete a home fire safety checklist and identify fire risks in your home.
  • Place smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors (CO) on each floor of your home and in each bedroom.
  • Make sure that everyone in the home can hear the smoke alarm from their bedrooms.
  • Test smoke alarms and CO detectors monthly and change the batteries at least twice a year (at time changes each spring and fall).
  • Make a family fire escape plan, making sure everyone understands and practices it once a month.
  • Place fire extinguishers throughout your home (especially in the kitchen) and make sure everyone in the house knows how to use them. (Remember P.A.S.S. — PULL, AIM, SQUEEZE AND SWEEP).
  • Never leave cooking food unattended on the stove.
  • Keep all matches and lighters out of the reach of children.
  • Don’t place portable heaters near flammable materials.

Community Sources for Additional Fire Safety Tips and Practices

  • Know the non-emergency number for the local fire department - Higgins Fire HQ Station 21 at (530) 269-2488 for NON-EMERGENCIES.
  • Attend educational events offered by the local fire department - Higgins/CAL FIRE Open House every spring or fall at HQ Station 21 Hwy 49 at Combie Road.
  • Learn how to use a fire extinguisher through your local fire department. Trainings available throughout the year. Feel free to contact us or swing by the HQ Station 21.

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