Higgins Fire District Calendar

Higgins Fire District

Higgins Fire District Calendar

Evacuation Preparation and The Process

  1. Officials will determine when and what areas to be evacuated and the routes to use depending upon the fire's location, behavior, winds, terrain, etc.
  2. Have a "Go" bag always ready at a moment's notice with medications, important papers including passport & CDL, personal toiletries, computer back-up files, mobile phone & charger, clothing, family heirlooms and other important items that you must have with you for up to 3 to 5 days.
  3. Move livestock and the infirm/elderly out of harm's way as early as possible. Round up smaller pets in carriers to be ready to leave quickly.
  4. Law enforcement agencies are typically responsible for enforcing an evacuation order. Follow their directions promptly. You may have only minutes to safely escape an advancing fire.
  5. If there is time, clear your decks of furnishings and all things flammable. Inside, move furniture away from windows and remove flammable windows coverings. Close all interior doors and leave a light on in each room. Leave your home unlocked and exterior lights on so firefighters can easily locate your house during heavy smoke. No exposed firewood, cardboard or trash against any structure.
  6. You will be advised of potential evacuations as early as possible. Be sure you are registered for the Nevada County Code RED notification system so you will be called with an evacuation notice. You must take the initiative to stay informed and aware. Listen to your local radio stations (KNCO AM 830 & KVMR FM 89.5) for announcements from law enforcement and emergency personnel. Social Media (such as Facebook or Twitter) may list evacuation information, too.
  7. Prearrange with neighbors to ride share to reduce the traffic on the roadways as a large number of people could be trying to simultaneously leave the area.
  8. You may be directed to temporary assembly areas to await transfer to a safe location.
  9. Establish an out-of-the-area contact (family or friend) to call in order to check on everyone's welfare should your family get separated.


If You Become Trapped

While in your vehicle:

  • Stay calm.
  • Park your vehicle in an area clear of vegetation.
  • Close all vehicle windows and vents.
  • Cover yourself with a wool blanket or jacket.
  • Lie on vehicle floor.
  • Use your cell phone to advise officials -- Call 911.

While on foot:

  • Stay calm.
  • Go to an area clear of vegetation, a ditch or depression if possible.
  • Lie face down, cover up.
  • Use your cell phone to advise officials -- Call 911.

While in your house:

  • Stay calm, keep your family together.
  • Call 911 and inform authorities of your location.
  • Fill sinks and tubs with cold water.
  • Keep doors and windows closed, but unlocked.
  • Stay inside your house.
  • Stay away from outside walls and windows.

* Note - it will get hot in the house, but it is much hotter, and more dangerous outside.

After the fire passes, and if it is safe, check the following areas for fire:

  • The roof and house exterior.
  • Under decks and inside your attic.


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