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Avoid starting a fire outdoors when disposing of ashes


Tools Needed:

  • Ash bucket – container made of non-flammable material such as metal or earthenware
  • Ash shovel – a specialized tool or even a metal trowel could be used as a substitute
  • Fire resistant gloves – help prevent accidental burns
  • Face mask (optional) – reduce chance of inhaling ash

Safety Precautions When Handling Ashes

  • Treat all ashes as hot
  • Wait at least 24 hours after a fire before removing ashes
  • Do not add live embers to the ash bucket
  • Never add anything combustible to ash bucket
  • Place lid over the ash bucket to reduce the possibility of oxygen reaching a live ember or smoldering ashes in the ash bucket
  • Store the ash bucket (with ashes) in a well ventilated location as ashes may contain live coals (embers) from which carbon monoxide emits
  • Do not place ash bucket (with ashes) near to anything combustible
  • Pour a little water over ashes in ash bucket (think of properly extinguishing campfires), but do this in an outdoor setting in case of live embers or smoldering ashes or….
  • Allow ash bucket to sit for at least three days before disposing of ashes
  • Never dispose of the ashes in an area where flammable items are (even decorative wood chips)
  • Recycle the ash into potted plants
  • Ash can be used to melt ice on walkways and driveways, too