Bruce Jones
Bruce JonesDirector
Director Jones has lived in the fire district since 2002 and has been a Board member since 2006. Director Jones has been involved in the fire service for many years and has taken the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience for the benefit of the community.
In 2005 Director Jones and his wife Deborah co-founded the “Citizen’s for Highway 49 Safety” which is still active today.
Prior to his retirement as Captain from the city of Hayward, Director Jones served in the fire service from 1974 to 2003. My wife Deborah and I co-founded “Citizen’s for highway 49 safety” in 2005 which is still active.

“My love for this community, and my previous experience has helped me to make informed decisions as a board member.”

– Director Jones

John Boykin
John BoykinDirector
Director Boykin has been living in the Higgins Fire district since 2002. He has been serving as a member of the Board of Directors since 2007. His involvement in Higgins Fire District stems from his own carer with the fire service, rich with decades of education and certifications ranging from firefighting to department leadership. After 27 years with Hayward Fire Department, holding every rank from Firefighter to Fire Chief, he retired in 1999.

“With my background and passion for the fire service I decided to volunteer my services to this community as a Higgins Fire District Board Member. I believe it’s important that we all volunteer in areas that help our community, if we are able and have the time. Especially in areas where we can make a difference by improving the quality and safety of our community. I chose Higgins Fire Protection District because of my past experience in the fire service which may allow me to be able to contribute in helping our community to bea better and safer place to live.”

– Director Boykin

Chuck Suszko
Chuck SuszkoDirector
Director Suszko has been living in the Higgins Fire district since 2000. He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2018. His involvement in Higgins Fire District began when he was asked to participate in the Strategic Planning to help steer the course of the District. Becoming a Board Member was the next step in serving his community. Director Suszko works as an engineer for the Department of Transportation.

“My family and I made this community our home, we care about it and the people here. With my background in engineering and civil service, I know I can help make a positive difference in our community.”

– Director Suszko

Richard Thickens
Richard ThickensDirector
Janice Buschmann
Janice BuschmannDirector