Bruce Jones
Bruce JonesChairman
Vice-Chairman Jones has lived in the fire district since 2002 and has been a Board member since 2006. Director Jones has been involved in the fire service for many years and has taken the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience for the benefit of the community.
In 2005 Director Jones and his wife Deborah co-founded the “Citizen’s for Highway 49 Safety” which is still active today.
Prior to his retirement as Captain from the city of Hayward, Director Jones served in the fire service from 1974 to 2003. My wife Deborah and I co-founded “Citizen’s for highway 49 safety” in 2005 which is still active.

“My love for this community, and my previous experience has helped me to make informed decisions as a board member.”

– Chairman Jones

Richard Thickens
Richard ThickensTreasurer
Richard spent his entire career in the Fire Service, beginning at age 18 with CDF (now Cal Fire) and ending as a Fire Chief. He earned an AS degree in Forest Technology, and worked for the US Forest Service as both a firefighter and forest technician. He volunteered and trained with a PCF department, and served for several years with two ambulance companies. He spent the bulk of his career with a municipal fire department, beginning as a Firefighter/Medic and ending as a Battalion Chief. During this time he earned a BS degree from CSUS in Fire Service Management and engaged in extensive training from the CSFM earning certifications in Heavy Rescue, Haz-Mat, Fire Investigation, Incident Command, and Chief Officer among others. After retirement, Richard served for five years as the Fire Chief for a volunteer fire district. He is currently serving as Treasurer on the Higgins Fire District Board of Directors to serve his community and remain involved in the Fire Service.
Marty Main
Marty MainDirector
Director Marty Main has lived in the Higgins area community since 2003. After his retirement as a Customer Service/Tech Support Manager in 2014, Main organized the Bear River Ranch Area Fire Safe community under the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County and the National Fire Prevention Association. He then joined the Board of Directors for the Higgins Area Fire District, serving a four-year term. During this term, Director Main led the Strategic Planning Committee in developing a 5/10-year plan for the District.

At the end of his four-year term, Director Main and his wife of 46 years traveled the USA in their big rig RV, keeping our community as their home base and legal domicile. After two years, family circumstances have them happily living full-time here again, so Director Main ran for one of the recent vacancies on the Board.

“I look forward to resuming my service to our great community in this capacity. Our hearts are certainly here with friends and family.”

– Director Main

Chuck Suszko
Chuck SuszkoDirector
Chairman Suszko has been living in the Higgins Fire district since 2000. He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2018. His involvement in Higgins Fire District began when he was asked to participate in the Strategic Planning to help steer the course of the District. Becoming a Board Member was the next step in serving his community. Director Suszko works as an engineer for the Department of Transportation.

“My family and I made this community our home, we care about it and the people here. With my background in engineering and civil service, I know I can help make a positive difference in our community.”

– Director Suszko

Janice Buschmann
Janice BuschmannVice-Chairwoman