Minutes – 2024-05 Regular Meeting

2023 – December


2023 – October

Minutes – 2022-07 Regular Meeting – No Quorum

Minutes – 2022-03 Regular Meeting

2022 – February – No Meeting

2021- November

2020 – December

No Meeting – Christmas Holiday

Minutes – 2020-11 Strategic Planning Meeting – No quorum

2020 – August

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2020 – May

Meeting Cancelled – Covid-19

2020 – February

Agenda – 2020-02 Regular Meeting

PUBLIC COMMENT: The opportunity of the public to be heard on an item on the agenda shall be provided during the consideration of that item (Govt. Code Section 59495.3) prior to any Board action. The public may address items not on the agenda that are of interest to the public and are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board during the Public Comment period. While the Board may “briefly respond” to comments or questions from the public, no action may be taken on an item not on the agenda in compliance with Govt. Code Section 54954.3(a). The Chair may limit public comment during the public comment period or public hearing to no more than five minutes per individual.

*Agendas are posted 72 hours in advance of the meeting at Higgins Fire Protection District office, 10106 Combie Road, Auburn, CA 95602