Higgins Fire Protection District

Mission Statement

The Mission of Higgins Fire Protection District is to provide the highest level of service to our community by valuing our members, promoting positive leadership and dedicating ourselves to excellence.

In the last couple of years we have seen the most devastating and destructive wildfires California has ever experienced. This has underscored several things. Most notably that we must all better prepare for Wildfire Season.

Jerry Good, Higgins Fire District

Chief’s Message 2024

The beginning of the new year has started a new chapter at Higgins Fire Protection District. After Chief Good’s retirement in December, Battalion Chief Tam moved up to Chief of the Department, effective January 1st. Although Chief Tam is new to the position, he has been a member of the department and has been serving the Higgins Community since 1996.

Higgins Area Fire Protection District has been proudly serving Southern Nevada County since 1977. The men and women who serve this community threw Higgins, due so with the highest level of compassion and care possible. They are here to serve the community on what could be someone’s worst day of their life. Higgins is an “All-Risk” department meaning we respond to everything, including; fires, vehicle accidents, downed trees into powerlines, flooding, medical aids, lift assists and more. To better serve the community with a higher level of service we here at Higgins are proposing to re-open the closed station in the Dog Bar area. This will improve emergency response coverage and reduce times over the 91 square miles of the district.

Much like the rest of the world, ever since the department was founded, the surrounding area started developing and growing. To keep up with this growth the department instituted a fire tax of $25 back in 1980, a tax that is still implemented today. As with everything else, costs of goods and services have gone up tremendously over the last 40 plus years. Calls for service in the district have gone up by more than 1100%. Unfortunately after the financial crisis of 2008 the economic recession forced the regrettable closure of the Dog Bar station. Due to this closure the constituents of the Dog Bar area are left with effectively double the response times then the other two, almost 15 minutes. We hope to change that this year with a possible tax measure to re-open the station and double our staff.

We here at Higgins Fire are always ready for the call to assist those in need, day or night, rain or shine, with compassion, dignity, respect, and professionalism. Have a question? Stop on by one of our staffed stations or drop by our HQ at Higgins Corner during normal office hours for a tour and a cup of coffee.